Lakewood City Council Seeking Applicants for Volunteer Boards & Commissions

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Lakewood City Council is seeking applicants to fill vacancies on the following volunteer Boards and Commissions:


Audit Committee  (2 vacancies)

Charter Review Commission (5 vacancies)

Lakewood Hospital Association Governing Board - Special Trustee (1 vacancy)

Lakewood Hospital Association Governing Board - Community Trustee (1 vacancy)

Expected Vacancy on Board of Zoning Appeals (1 vacancy)


Resumes of those interested in the above referenced will be accepted until noon, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 in the Lakewood City Council Office, City Hall, 12650 Detroit Avenue.  

Applications may come in the form of a cover letter and resume directed to Mary Hagan, Clerk of Council.  

Interested individuals can access detailed information on specific Boards & Commissions by linking to the following sites: 

Audit, Zoning Appeals

Charter Review Cmmssn

Lakewood Hospital Association Governing Board (spec. 907.10 of Code)

If you require additional information contact Clerk of Council Mary Hagan at (216) 529-6053.